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Contact Person : Mr. Shiv Shankar Khadgawat

Address : 106, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Hanumangarh Jn., Rajasthan, India - 335512

Phone : +91-01552-265210/ 263210
Mobile : +91-9414091210 / 9414591210
E-mail id : shivam@splgroup.in

PVC Blowing Agent

PVC Blowing Agent Supplier
We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of optimum quality PVC Blowing Agent, also known as Azodicarbonamide (ADC) in the industry. Our Rigid PVC Blowing Agent is widely used in Rubber, PVC, footwear and Plastic industries. It is commonly used for the expansion of PVC, natural and synthetic rubbers. They are available in different ranges such as Micro Foam ADC-L5 and Micro Foam ADC-F2. In addition to this, . We stand among the prime PVC Blowing Agent Exporters and Azodicarbonamide Suppliers in India.

Products Details:

Chemical Name : Azodicabonamide
Another Name : PVC Blowing Agent (ADC)
Chemical Structure : NH2 CON-NCOH2 N
Packing :25 Kgs
Moleculer Weight : 116.08
CAS No. : 103-77-3
EC No. : 204-650-8

Manufacturer of (Foaming / Blowing Agent) Azodicarbonamide

Chemical NameAzodicarbonamide
CAS No.{123-77-3}
Eines No.204-650-8
Physical FormFine, Free flow Light Yellow Powder
Chemical StructureNH2 CON-NCOH2 N
Decomposition Temp.190°C - 203°C
Mol. Wt.116
Specific Gravity1.65 (At 25°C )
Heat of DecompositionApprox 65%
Residue(Urazole 36%, Cyanuric Acid 15%, Hydra Zodicarbonamide 42% and Cyamelide 7%)
Gas Volume Liberated230-240 ml/gm (65% N2,32% Co.,2% Co2 and 1% NH3)
Storage StabilityStable

Grades Micro foamParticle Size(D-50)Gas ml/gm at STPDTºCApplication
Micro foam ADC-F26±0.5235±5198±3PVC leather cloth by spread coating
Micro foam AD-208±0.5225±5198±3PVC shoe soles, slippers, & rubber foams, light-weight chapples
Micro foam ADC-L27±0.5235±5198±3PVC leather cloth by spread coating
Micro foam ADC-H211±1235±5198±3Foamed article based on PVC/PP/HDPE/LDPE
Micro foam ADC-F56±0.5230±5190±3Thicker artificial leather cloth (4 mm and above)
Micro foam ADC-L58±0.5230±5190±3PVC shoe soles, EVA slippers, PE extrusion, LDPE rotational moulding & rubber foams

Manufacturer of (Foaming / Blowing Agent) ADC+Modifiers

Grades Micro foamParticle Size(D-50)Gas ml/gm at STPDTºCApplication
Micro foam ADC-EV--120±5125±5For thicker compression moulded
Micro foam PT----120±5EVA foamed sheets For thicker compression moulded EVA/LDPE foamed sheets

Physical FoamFine, Free flow Pale Yellow Powder
ToxicityNon toxice
Gas ContentMainly Nitrogen & Carbon Monoxide
pH (5%aq.Soln.)8.5±0.5
Moisture Content0.2% (w/w)
Storage StabilityStable

Azodicarbonamide + Modifiers (ADC-L)

ProductMicro Foam - EVMicro Foam - PT
Chemical StructureC5 H10 N6 O2 CAS Number {101-25-7} MoL WT. = 186CM5 H10 N6 O2 CAS Number {101-25-7} MoL WT. = 186
Gas ContentMainly Nitrogen & Carbon MonoxideMainly Nitrogen & Carbon Monoxide
AppearanceCreamish Yellow Fine PowderCreamish Yellow Fine Powder
ph (5% aqueous suspension at 25oC)8.0 ± 1.08.0 ± 1.0
Moisture Content0.5 % W/W Max0.5 % W/W Max
Mesh Size (+300) BSS0.1 % W/W Max0.1 % W/W Max
Decomposition Temp. (Open Capillary Tube Method)125oC± 5oC118oC± 5oC
Gas Evaluation125± 5 ml/gm @ S.T.P.120± 5 ml/gm @ S.T.P.

Application :
MICROFOAM-EV & MICROFOAM-PT can be used more safely than Di-nitroso Pentamethylene Tetramine. MICROFOAM-EV & MICROFOAM-PT is a Chemical Blowing Agent in powder form for the production of Cellular Products based on thermo plastic resin such as EV Co-Polymers. PE, is recommended for compression moulded Shoes, Slippers & Packing Sheets.

Special Features :
MICROFOAM-EV & MICROFOAM-PT leaves very little residue. The residue is odourless, non discoloring type and does not impart colour to the finish product. MICROFOAM - EV-PT disperses easily in Polymeric compositions resulting in a fine uniform cell structure.

Dosage :
5 – 8 PHR depending on the polymers used & extent to expansion required.

Packing :
MICROFOAM-EV & MICROFOAM-PT is also packed in 25 Kgs. HDPE woven bags/ UN approved corrugated paper cartons with a polythene liner inside.

Flammability :
MICROFOAM-EV & MICROFOAM-PT is non flammable and does not support combustion. Decomposition of MICROFOAM-EV & MICROFOAM-PT heating causes evolution of fumes resembling smoke. In case of Fire, use plenty of water, dry powder.